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Joy in the Junction Updates and Selection of Carols

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Enjoy the sounds of the season with the Junction’s ‘Travelling Carolers’ and support local non-profits all from your front porch!

A Selection of Carols
Download PDF • 2.87MB

Small group of socially distanced and masked carolers will be strolling through your neighbourhood singing some of your favourite Christmas/Winter songs.

When and When:

Saturday December 19th- Gilmour, Westholme, Maher, Vernon, St. John’s, Maria, St.

John’s Place, Clendenan, Boler, Shipman, High Park Ave, Humberside, Quebec, Annette

Sunday December 20th- Evelyn, St. John’s, Laws, Fairview, Annette, Mavety, Humberside,

Medland, Aziel, Pacific

Monday December 21st- McMurray, Vine, Indian Grove

6:00 to 7:00 pm

We will continue posting updates here.

If you would like to donate a gift card, tape a piece paper marked with a ‘C’ to your mailbox, leave your porch light on and place the gift card in an envelope in your mailbox. Suggestions for gift cards include grocery stores, chain coffee shops, or discount box stores.

You may also choose to donate online directly to one of the following local non-profit organizations instead:

Feed It Forward FoodShare Stone Soup Network The Four Villages The Period Purse The Sharing Place The Stop Community Food Centre

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