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New developments are popping up all over our beloved community, but the Junction is one of the only local neighbourhoods that has not had a City paid planning study to help inform development. Parkdale, Roncy and Bloor West have had these studies done but in 2020 this request was rejected by City Council due to no budget allocation.

 We want to raise the funds for an architectural study to provide Junction residents with a design for change in our community. The study will:

  •  engage the community and review feedback from you and your neighbours

  •  prepare for and facilitate meetings to identify aspirations of our community

  • develop the design for Dundas Street.

  • produce a tool we can use to lobby the Councillor's office to inform the Official Plan policies that impact our community


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Please make a donation today to help fund this study and bring our collective vision to life. Together we can create a Junction main street that we can be proud to live and work in!



Overview of Project

Background information:

  • The JRA has been advocating for an avenue or area study, including heritage, that would meaningfully engage impacted residents and businesses.

  • Parkdale, Roncesvalles and Bloor West Village have had such studies done, paid for by the City. The Junction has not. Planning Studies – City of Toronto

  • In early  2020, during the City of Toronto’s budget consultation process, the Junction Residents Association with the support of 3 neighbouring residents associations, formally requested an avenue study along Dundas Street (between Jane and Humberside). The request was rejected; no room in the budget was the reason given.

  • Design Your Main Street is inspired by the recent Avenue Road Safety Coalitions’ commissioning of Brown and Storey Architects to prepare a report: Concepts for expanding the public realm on Avenue Road 

Purpose of the Project:

Design Your Main Street will provide a platform for the community to have a voice, given the emerging pressures in the Junction and the impending changes to the physical landscape. The focus of the project is to capture what we value as a community and retain the services of professionals for a design/study of Dundas. This design/study will give us an effective tool to lobby the Councillor's office to inform the Official Plan policies that impact our community. The project will also seek to identify opportunities to make streetscape improvements.

Why Should the Community Pay for an “Avenue Study”?:

  • While neighbouring areas have had this funded by the City of Toronto, the Junction’s request was denied because of the City’s inability to fund it now.

  • To illustrate what we want Dundas Street to look like.

  • Prepares the community for responding to development proposals.

  • Provides a consensus among members about what they would like to see.

  • Can be used as a tool by the City to inform policies that impact our neighbourhood.

Projected Cost to Complete Project:

Total: $30, 000

Architectural services to:

  • engage the community and review feedback from residents

  • prepare for and facilitate a community charrette (meeting to identify aspirations of the community).

  • produce the design for Dundas Street.

Projected cost is an estimate, based on similar studies. A request for proposals will be issued and the final project budget will be set and reported on a quarterly basis to the JRA board. Full annual financial statements will be found at www.torontojra.com.

Funding of the Project:

Design Your Main Street fundraising campaign:  The funds raised through this campaign will be earmarked for the implementation of the Design Your Main Street Project. Any money raised above the cost of retaining the services of professionals will be used towards streetscape improvements in the community (these streetscape improvements will be decided on in collaboration with the JRA membership).



Our Guiding Principles for Addressing Development:

  • facilitating community engagement that informs proposals

  • accept/respect the legislated planning framework that secures community feedback

  • work with City plans and land use policies

  • recognize that city officials are stewards of City plans and land use policies that guide development applications

  • advocate for positive change in recognition of the social, environmental, physical and political context in which we live.



We are seeking greater clarity around municipal policies, plans and development standards that frame development proposals within the area.

Ad-hoc development proposals prompted by market pressures alone can destabilize communities and sharpen the void between a neighbourhood's expectations and municipal aspirations for our community. 

To remedy our challenge in coming to terms with the inevitable evolution of our community, a comprehensive review of the Junction, and Dundas Street in particular, would capture the community's aspirations within a municipally sanctioned process. 

The JRA has been advocating for an Avenue or Area study, including heritage, that would meaningfully engage impacted residents and businesses.



Avenue Study for Dundas Street:

Letter to Councillor Perks Requesting Avenue Study

3194-3206 Dundas St. W Development Proposal:

JRA Submission for 3194-3206 Dundas St. W Development Proposal

3194-3206 Dundas St. W Development Proposal:

JRA OLT Participant Submission