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  • Katherine Morley

Supporting local small businesses: a healthy, vibrant community needs a strong local economy!

A healthy, vibrant community needs a strong local economy. The COVID crisis has left many small businesses struggling, while large, corporate businesses have thrived. The past few months have made it clear that we can not take the small businesses, that help make the Junction such an amazing neighbourhood, for granted. Please consider supporting local businesses year round when you can. The following list of resources may help residents in their efforts:

1. Ali Haberstroh, a Toronto resident, created an amazing website called The website includes a listing of local businesses in 4 cities (Toronto, Halifax, Vancouver and Calgary.

2. The Junction BIA's website includes lots of information about the Junction retail strip

Please visit their website to learn more The Junction BIA

3. The Junction Residents Association has compiled a list of small businesses in the Junction which fall outside of the Junction BIA's catchment area. You may access the list here

Let's all do our part to help build a local economy focused on supporting community!


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