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We Won!

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

We won! Thank you Daily Bread for the nomination for Community Leader in their Best in Class and for selecting us as the winner of this tremendous honour.

On behalf of the Junction Residents Association, we would like to thank the Daily Bread Food Bank for the honour of this award.

The Junction Residents Association’s (JRA) vision is a healthy, caring and vibrant community where all people can thrive. Insufficient income, precarious employment, and unaffordable housing remain a challenge for many members of our community.

We are fortunate to live in an amazing and generous community.

With the support and leadership of community members like Stephanie Claydon……who has led the charge over the past couple of years…….the community champions who come forward to help……AND the residents who generously donate, the Junction Residents Association hopes to continue working towards addressing food insecurity in our community.

We are truly grateful to the Daily Bread Food Bank for providing us with the opportunity to bring the community together to address this very important issue.

Thank you!


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