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Join the JRA Monthly Neighbourhood Clean-up

Monthly Neighourhood Clean-up - many hands make light work.

Have you noticed a build up of litter on our streets - masks (disposable and cloth), water bottles, other random waste? Do you want to do something about it?

On the third Saturday of each month, join the JRA for our monthly community clean-up day.

In the spirit of 'together apart', why don’t you find a little time and join us separately on your street, picking up your litter, and post your photo to Instagram. Tag and mention the JRA @junctionresidentsassociation and use the hashtag #JRACleanUpCrew. Please post pictures to Instagram for us to share throughout the day. For those with private Instagram accounts, please make sure to direct message us photos of your participation for us to share with the community!

Let’s see if we can’t make a dent in the litter problem.

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